Nambikkai meaning Hands of Hope 

So thankful for life. The winds and the seas will roar, but the sun will always rise again. 
Today I met a girl Priya, who is roughly 14, but she was only 18 months old when the tsunami hit the south eastern coast of India, at a small fishing village called Nagapattinam. She was one of the first children taken into this amazing couple’s home, and even they had lost their own three children in the floods. The girl lost her parents, and today has grown into a sweet sweet girl with the dream to be a teacher. 
Another child, Mani, is a sweet boy that is around 9, but can see malnourishment has effected his physical development. His father had a huge substance use issue; and his mother had a mental breakdown and to this day has gone missing. His grandparents are too old to care for Mani and his sister, and heard about Nambikkai (meaning Hands of Hope) where orphan kids could live and be supported to go to school right up to college. 
It has been a beautiful experience finally meeting all the children who my family have been supporting for over 5 years. The couple have an army of cooks and helpers who dedicated their lives and working careers to the cause, as the couple still continue to work full time while being parents to almost 40 kids from 5-25 years of age. 
I can’t understand a word of Tamil, but I can understand a smile, and the holding of a small hand. 
To give a child hope and support them to live the fullest life is a great great honour. Humbled again by being here with them.


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