Jaipur The Pink City 

This is the part of the trip I’ve been anticipating for: exploring Rajasthan and it’s beauty, handiwork & palaces.

We caught a morning flight from Delhi airport to Jaipur, and the hotel which is in the main part of time we found out was 22km away. We thought we would have a go at ordering an Uber! And we did!! Key difference to home is the payment doesn’t go through the app, you pay cash upon arrival- don’t quite get how that’s any different to normal taxis but it was slightly cheaper haha. 

It was much more rugged, country style to what I had expeitirnced in Delhi. And buildings were painted all sorts of pastel colours, pinks, greens and blues. The women wore bright bright saris everywhere full of sequins and beads. We got to a hotel booked through a mutual friend. Their hospitality was beautiful. So thoughtful and caring, we got the hotel at a discounted rate and the beds felt lush! We took our time planning out what we really wanted to see in the city. Funny though how reviews can be misleading, still we put a list together to make the most of our time here. 

It was hot. Hotter and drier then Delhi. You could feel the dust in your hair and skin. I didn’t mind at all! We were starved so we started walking to find a restaurant nearby. Of course picking from the Rajasthani specialty menu. I found myself keep drawing to butter naans! They’re just too good here. Lime sodas is also a popular street side drink, salty or sweet. 

We headed into the main part of town to a palace called Hawa Mahal. It is iconic for its tall screen wall with many windows that was built specifically for women to observe street festivals without being seen by men. 

We had so much fun, smiling and waving hello at kids on their way home from school, making shop keepers laugh when I kept coming back buying more tasty milkshakes. Hi fiving kids riding motorbikes alongside me in traffic. The most fulfilling feeling on earth leaving a slice of joy whenever I go, regardless of how I feel. 

After getting distracted for hours in local markets by colourful bags and materials and finding some beautiful gifts to take home, we got to our hotel. There we met the hotel manager who was so kind and generous to give us a great rate on our hotel which was placed very well among all the local monuments and sites. I couldn’t be more happy to lay my head on a pillow that night after washing the dust off. 

Tomorrow was going to be a big day.


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