Roads less travelled…

It was our last day in Delhi for a little while, and I decided I really wanted to make the most of it taking the reigns of the days plans. 

We get to breakfast and I decided to be a bit more adventurous and trusting of the cooks, taking a bowl of porridge cooked up at the buffet.  It had fresh sliced coconut in it. It was heaven. I just love finding delicious foods that I will keep forever in my mind to cook again! This one was one of those special experiences haha.

I did abit of research online,  noticing there was many mixed comments on blogs and sites on various different things. It’s typical of the contrasts in 1 star travellers versus those who only want to stay 5 star. I decided to ignore them and judge based on photography. After all this is what I wanted to do, photograph some of the best images I possibly could. 

First stop was Urgesen Ki Bioli. Used for scenes in Bollywood films, this 60m long and who knows how deep water reservoir was built by the king in early centuries as the city’s main water supply. Also known for being haunted; home to a few hundred pidgeons, we walked its steps and took some incredible photos. It was probably the first free entry site I had gone to! And only a few people there when we arrived. The Bioli felt like a little escape from the chaos of Delhi, as it was tucked in around so many buildings and streets. 

Next, we went to Ghandi Butri. This was the garden where Ghandi was martyred, and since preserved the residence and have created memorial and a great educational display to talk about how Mahatma’s journey began and some of the major events he was apart of that made him so great. It was the highlight of my trip this far, I just wanted to buy every book I could find about him then and there. Such an inspiring man who lived a simple life and did braves brave things to fight for injustice no matter what the punishment he could face from the world. And ultimately it lead to his death one day as he sat in his garden to pray. 

I loved the mosaic depiction of his life story that people created in his memory, and original letters copied on display to read. He was such a smart, intelligent man, who although living in the world, was so set apart from it. His quotes I hold dear to heart. Salute!

Next, we took a detour to some markets, this time we had a crack at jumping on a local bus not having paid a ticket! 😂 Serves us right, it was going the wrong way and we realised too late when asking some kind locals. What was meant to be will be & we found ourselves going to Palika Markets, Delhi’s underground markets. It was crazy. Every single guy at a market stall would walk out in front of me and ask if I would like to buy a belt or dress or earrings! It was like a simulated computer game! Had to keep ignoring them all, keep walking, keep looking for something that caught my eye. We picked up a few earrings but decided we need to get out of there, an hour was long enough. 

We jumped in an auto and went to the National Gallery of Modern Art. I was so curious to see some of India’s art history. So many influences from minimalism, post modern, modern, pop art and contemporary eras- it was just so inspiring & creative. India has some incredible drawers that use linoprints, pen, ink and paper. The simplest of tools yet the quality of work was next level. So many different depictions of Indian traditional arts as well as true images of the country’s landscape and people. So many creative ideas came to mind- first one was the simple fact that I need to start painting and drawing again. I truly loved every time I had my art class in my senior school years. It was an escape, a way to switch off the logical mind and space out into dreams and ideas. Refreshing is the word. Like a waterfall 😉.

Talking about refreshing, after 2 hours of being inspired by 7 levels of art, I just wanted to swim in a pool. So we went back to our hostel and got to the pool next door. What an experience. I was more conscious then ever, being careful of my legs and shoulders being exposed. Women and men had different entries to the pool as you had to walk through the change room and showers first. We sat there having a swim, cooling down and chatting under palm trees watching the sun go down. 

I can’t tell you how, but we had the energy to go out again, but I left majority of my money st home only realising once I had bartered down a couple of dresses at the CP markets. Everyone must go check these ones out. You will be entertained by the amount of good quality Fakadidas and sport brand items there are to choose from! Not to mention the quality sunglasses too! We had so many giggles that night, laughing with shop owners paying the bare minimum for products cause we were on the tightest budget between the both of us! 

We definitely slept well that night. And I managed to take home a couple of comfy Nike ticked cotton dresses to wear back at home. 

Early flight the next day, we had to catch a train to the airport by 7am to move to Rajasthan. I was so excited I barely slept.

More from me tomorrow! Til then X


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