Illuminating India

My next escape (and my first blog adventure) has been booked!

I will be traveling for 57 days filled with anthropological experiences, 256 bit colour, hit hard by ultraviolet sun rays and spiritual healing.

It has been my dream for a long time to visit this country, as my great-grandfather once lived in southern India before jumping on a ship one-way for Fiji to work on a sugarcane farm.

He never looked back. It was a big cost to him however, as he was cut off from his family thereafter. But the foods, spices, dress, colour continue to resonate in my family. When I was younger, I was quite ashamed of my heritage. I think it was because there was quite a prejudice in Australian society in regards to people of indian heritage. Economics was not my strong point. I did love coming up with business ideas, and was naturally good at math, but I much preferred socialising and dancing with my friends.. It wasn’t of relevance to me to really understand the roots of my culture, I was living in the world of the 21st century where us half-caste kids were often questioned about our ethnicity, but we just wanted to fit in with everybody else.

I have traveled to many a country by now, and have had my own prejudices challenged, as well as opening my mind to different ways of thinking, living and being-not to mention tasting flavours once unknown to my tongue!

I am so excited to go on another crazy adventure and gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture. I hope you enjoy the posts to come, as I share my own photography, stories and experiences that I know will change me forever. 

Here’s to the next two months of adventuring with the Waterfall Chaser! (fingers crossed  it won’t be too dangerous to chase a waterfall when I get there!)

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